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Default ISPConfig 3 settings not applied on underlying system


I noticed few days ago that our ISPConfig server was behaving a bit funky as it refused to let a Shell user login after a password change. After few tries we noticed that the password wasnt actually changed and the old one was still active. We dug around a bit and found that even though ISPConfig seemed work fine on the surface, nothing actually was happening on the underlying system. We can edit and create new customers, shell users, FTP users etc. but those are modified or created only in the ISPConfig database, not in our web folders or passwd/shadow files.

We did a server migration few weeks back and the setup was working ok after that as we signed up couple of new users after the migration and their accounts are working.

I tried to put the server on debug logging, but as that is done inside ISPConfig, nothing actually gets logged. :P

We have a Debian 6.0.5 with ISPConfig

I have peeked and poked around without avail, so any pointers where to look for the problem are appreciated.

Thank you.

- J
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