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Hi till

Yes, I thought more about a plugin than integrating it into ISPConfig itself.

For the problem with disabled sites I already have the solution, now trying if I'll find out for over-traffic ones.

Using such a alias to test websites will not work with most cms / blog systems like e.g. wordpress, so installing wordpress over such a link would result in a broken install and accessing wordpress that has been installed under the real domain name will fail as well. So in my opinion, such a feature does not offer any real benefits as its mostly usable for plain html sites which dont use cms systems and such sites nearly dont exist anymore. Pleask has such a feature as its much older and years ago when websites were just directories full of html files, such a feature made sense.
That's true...hmm.

I think I'll create the plugin, since I personally often use plain HTML (for whatever ) so everyone is free to use or not use, and write a short tutorial as soon as it's ready.

This way, the ones who'd like to have this option, can enable it while others don't have to bother about it.

Thanks for your opinion!
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