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oh also, btw.... this is really ugly, but i used this to add records to the mysql.user table and the other tables in the mysql database that were missing on the move. This script will not over write a database, table or record so I used it on the mysql database. I then ran:

update user set password = PASSWORD(user) where not user in('root','ispconfig');
flush privileges;

This added the permissions necessary for my users, resetting all of their passwords to their id (which they will be forced to change when we go live).

There may be some null fields that were missing in the insert, since I was going from mysql 4 to mysql 5, but it all seems to work so far, and I can certainly handle the changes later.

Be sure before you do this very stupid thing that you run the query:

select user from user;

and use that list of IDs for your "not user in" part of the password change update.
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