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Originally Posted by falko View Post
For my understanding: sending mails or receiving mails - where is the problem?
Like this, sending mails is only possible via the 1st mailserver and there is no fallback to the 2nd one, if the 1st fails.

- Because it only works with the CNAME (which points to one server (1st))

So the email client doesn't find out that there are two servers he can try.

But, a question aside, because probably I misunderstood the functionality of a backup MX.

Shouldn't it be possible with this setup to:

- If someone sends an email to info[ @ ]rackster, his mailserver checks if my 1st server is up. If yes -> send to it, if no -> send to the 2nd. As soon as the 1st is up again, 2nd -> sending to 1st -> to the email address finally.

- If I want to send an email, check if 1st server is up -> if not, send via the 2nd.

Thank you falko
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