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Default How to replace Apache with Nginx on Horde installation?

So I followed the instructions on "Install Horde 4 Webmail For ISPConfig On Debian Squeeze Through PEAR" on a clients Ubuntu Machine. It worked great (after I realized I needed to go in and point IMP to my email server). However on my own machine I am running Nginx for testing and I have been trying to figure out how to make the Directive work.

I found some samples at but even with changing some things to fit more in my server, it still doesn't work. Then I took my Roundcube directives and tried to change the root folder and directory so it would point in the right direction but still get the 404 error.

Does anyone running nginx and Horde have the instructions on how to get it to work?

Also what PHP open_basedir does Horde need in ISPconfig?
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