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first of all thank you for your answers.

Maybe I didn't explain it very clearly.

I've a domain let's say, on my webserver the hostname is (it should point to /usr/share/nginx/www which is described in vHost for "default"). Also the IP (123.456.678.9) should point to this directory, but it doesn't.

It points to the web from a client. And that since I've assigned the IP via control panel at the "sites" tab to this customer before. So I didn't choose wildcard but exactly this IP.

After I removed this - because I thought this will give the IP private to the customer - I noted that the IP (123.456.678.9) - which pointed correctly to the nginx ww before, shows now the web of the client.

I don't have that IP listed as server IP, because I want to have this IP pointing to the nginx-ww like hostname ( and all other IPs which are pointing to that server but not assigned to any customers.

But they all point to the web from this one client... I really don't know why. I followed the installation tutorial step by step.

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