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Default Denied changes for clients

Hi folks

Would it be possible (short-term) to implement the following:
If a client can not change some values of a website, like the php mode or php version, this input field or select box should be shown but disabled.
I have no clue what I would have to change to achieve this, so maybe someone who known can implement it - or give me some hints.

A client of mine tried to change the php version from default to php 5.4.5 (that I set up as an additional php version) but the setting switches back to default after saving without any message.
If I change the setting then it works.

I first thought it was an error but then I realized that on all other websites of this client he can change the php version without problems.
So I think it is because I created one of this websites as admin and he is not allowed to overwrite the settings, right? But then, there should be an error message or - even better - the fields should be disabled.
Marius Cramer

pixcept KG
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