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Default [Interface] Permissions to write to /var/log/ispconfig

Hi together

I am currently trying to implement fail2ban compatible logging into SVN but I've some problems.

My first approach was placing the code into index.php within the login folder.

Problem: exec() not working (it's clear why).

Then I tried to create it as a server plugin, however, they are only run if their is an action to do like updating DNS etc. and runs every few minutes (which is not enough).

So I removed this try and realized, that it has to be done within the interface and not the server (as it belongs to it).

So now the problem still exists, that the interface is not allowed to run code out of it's space, e.g. in /var/log/ispconfig/.

What would be the correct way to do this? Would it be possible to use the $app->log "command" and set the LOGLEVEL to "ERROR" or is there another recommended way of doing this?

//edit: LOGLEVEL error wouldn't be the best choice I guess, because the log gets kind of spammed without real errors...

//edit2: realized that $app->log only logs to MySQL by default so this doesn't help. It seems like the only change is to create a cron running all few seconds to fetch entries from DB and write to file..

Thank you very much!

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