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more of a trick than an essential add-on:

To be able to display (and switch between) sites that have been setup on the server to display as default when browsing to the server's IP or FQH is useful for example when developing a site when the DNS has not been set to point there, or to host stuff without using a domain name

To achieve this, do:

in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
rename 000-default (or similar) to something like _000-default
then *copy* the file with the domain you want to appear as default into 000-default (same file name as was renamed above)
restart apache.

to switch to another default site, just copy another domain file to 000-default

to switch back to default behavior, copy back _000-default to 000-default
(and restart apache after every change)

I wish this could be done easily through ISPConfig

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