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Default Backup MX - DNS "Fallback"

Hello everyone

Today I tried setting up a MX backup server running ISPConfig.

I just created a regular "ISPConfig mailserver" and configured the mail transport according to posts found in the forums here, as well as relay access.

However I don't get the point on how to configure the DNS.

I have MX 1 with Prio. 10 and MX 2 with Prio. 20 as well as a CNAME mail.domain.tld pointing to MX 1.

Sending mails through MX 1 FQDN or CNAME works well.
Sending through domain.tld (without mail CNAME) doesn't work (no SMTP server found).

So MX 2 doesn't work at all.

Is their something I have to do with the DNS? Normally, it should work sending mails "to" domain.tld as it's suposed to lookup the MX records, or do I miss understand this?

Thanks for your help!
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