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Originally Posted by skoena View Post
My server needs to be upgraded to Ubuntu 12.
What are the right steps to "easily" migrate to the new server?
(db's, data, mail, ispconfig etc)
There's a saying in Dutch (in my best English translation): I don't see the forrest because of all the trees.
Untill now it's not clear how to do a "good" migration to a new server. Is it an idea to create a sticky about this?

*I copied (with rsync) all the data from
(databases were not available on new server when I did this, so I dumped the db's on the old server and copied them to the new server with:
mysqldump --opt --user=root --password=xxxxxxxx --all-databases | gzip > mysql_backup.sql.gz
) For some reason the dbispconfig database was not imported so I imported it by hand via phpmyadmin.

Do I need to copy more or is this enough??
Is there anything I missed?

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