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Probably this is pretty gross hacking, but works fine in ispconfig 2.

To use roundcube 0.8 with ispconfig, and to be able to use the email for login, a simple modification is required in the ../plugins/virtuser_file/virtuser_file.php

I'll show the entire function to look for, and the change is commented. Is a one line addition that checks for the prefix web[number]_ (example "web9_") and any mail containing someone@www.somedomain.tld.

Now the only thing that we need is a way to access the user's names as appears in ispconfig to make this thing work automagically (without the need to change the webx_user to the real name manually inside roundcube). Any ideas??

private function findinvirtual($pattern)
            $result = array();
            $virtual = null;

            if ($this->file)
                $virtual = file($this->file);

            if (empty($virtual))
                return $result;

            // check each line for matches
            foreach ($virtual as $line) {
                $line = trim($line);
                if (empty($line) || $line[0]=='#')

                if (preg_match($pattern, $line))
                                // hack to make any webx_ prefix and www. prefix from virtusertable
                                if ((preg_match ('/^web\d+_/i', $line)) OR (stripos($line, 'www.')>0)) continue;                                // end hack
                                $result[] = $line;

            return $result;

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