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Originally Posted by falko View Post
For Postfix, you must modify the mysql*.cf files in the /etc/postfix/ directory. The same has to be done for dovecot.conf (which is either in /etc/or /etc/dovecot/). Restart both daemons afterwards.
Thanks for your replay.
  • Dovecot:
    • there is no direct password field in dovecot.conf. it is in dovecot-sql.conf.
    • it only uses the Ispconfig user password not the root.
    • However the password in encrypted. can you tell me the encryption method or how can I make like that?
  • Postfix:
    • Postfix also do the same. unless I change the ISPConfig's user password, change is not needed. but the encryption is same here.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me...
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