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Originally Posted by till View Post
A mysql instance is required on each node as each node holds a copy of the data that is required for that node and ispconfig is taking care to sync the data. The reasons are scalability and fault tolerance. If all servers would just connect to a single database, your complete cluster would fail as soon as the master database is down. Also yoursystem would not scale.
i am still confused. what is then the right order to install ISPconfig on the listed five VMs? each one of them has mysql-server installed.

1) install ISPconfig on the DB VM and choose for all the server-roles "no"
2) install ISPconfig on the admin VM and choose only for server role "ISP config GUI" yes
3) install ISPconfig on the web/ftp VM and choose the appropriate roles (web, jailkit, ftp)
4) install ISPconfig on the dns VM and choose the dns role.

or do i have to FIRST install the ISPconfig instance on the admin server and then all the others? but i would like to have the "main" dbispconfig on the DB server and all other instances syncing with that one. (so that i mainly have one DB server that needs to be accessible from the other servers).

thanks for your help & have a nice weekend
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