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when i check the tutorials for a multiserver setup, i always see that they are installing on EACH server a mysql-server. so what is the idea behind that? isn't each ispconfig instance just connecting to the "central" mysql-server as all the data is in that database?
A mysql instance is required on each node as each node holds a copy of the data that is required for that node and ispconfig is taking care to sync the data. The reasons are scalability and fault tolerance. If all servers would just connect to a single database, your complete cluster would fail as soon as the master database is down. Also yoursystem would not scale.

another question. as i will have the ISPconfig web interface on a separate server and i would like to have it on port 80/443, can i just change the apache config manually or will ISPconfig overwrite this configuration again? (i suppose it won't, because i have disabled the webserver option in the GUI for this server).
Just enter port 443 during ispconfig installation to run ISPConfig on that port. If you want to add port 8080 as well, then you might have to add a second vhost file for that, dont alter the vhost file added by ispconfig manually.
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