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Exclamation Disk Usage Help?

I followed the guide on installing ISPConfig 3 on a fresh CentOS 6 and its all up and running well now. When I goto "Monitor" => "Disk Usage" within ISPConfig I see this:

Filesystem 	Type 	Size 	Used 	Available 	Use% 	Mounted on
	ext4	50G	3.3G	44G	7%	/
tmpfs	tmpfs	1.8G	0	1.8G	0%	/dev/shm
/dev/sda1	ext4	485M	98M	362M	22%	/boot
	ext4	864G	269M	820G	1%	/home
Whenever I add a new site and all the files, it is going onto the / partition and not the /home partition. My /home partition has 820G and the / partition only has 44G. I'm not really sure what to do, apart from the guide I've never had to deal with mounting or partitioning myself, as I'm new at this.

Can someone please let me know what the optimal solution here is to either swap the capacities of the partitions or to change which partition the website files are stored on and how to do it?

Thank you.
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