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Originally Posted by till View Post
Your wrong here, ispconfig never uses the root account (at least if you have not modified the ispconfig sources ) and the ispcsrv user has priviliges for the tables where it needs access to as it has no global privs of course, see all the other privilige tables in the mysql db, you will find them there. If the ispcsrv user cant access the master from the slave, then your hosts files or server hostnames are still not correct. The lines in the hosts files have to be exactly as described in the guides and they have to match with the fqdn of the server and they have to be fqdn only, so this is ok: server.hosts.tld

while this will not work with mysql: server.hosts.tld server

or server

and the commands:



hostname -f

have to retutn both:


if you configured the servers correctly and as described in the guides. If:

hostname returns "server" while hostname -f returns "server.hosts.tld" then your system is not installed properly.

i've configured a multiserver setup by adding server.hosts.tld server

(the same taken by hosts file on client) to the server and seems to work properly.

Is this ok?
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