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Originally Posted by till View Post
The dns records are saved correctly, the problem is that you enterd the records wrong. All fully qualified domain name in dns for BIND has to end with a dot and @ is no dns record. If a dns record has no dot at the end, then it is a subbrecord of the zone. And what you refer to as @ record is the record for the zone itself, so if you create a zone for domain.tld, then the record that you refer to as @ is "domain.tld.".

Either you block the dns port with a firewall or the dns records in the registry of the domain tld has not been changed yet to point to the new dns server.

Ive done the dig using the new nameserver to dig from and it doesnt work. Also i'm talking about entering the email address on the template page example: you enter and the form saves it as I also edited my first post saying i did a external port scan and its open.
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