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Default Access denied on nginx

Well another small issues here::

First I follow all that tutorial says, step-by-step

Gzip was working perfect and I have a small decrease of load time data,

after that I had try to follow this tutorial::

I get no errors, just 3 warnings when I reload nginx

1. duplicate MIME type "text/html" in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:65
2. conflicting server name "_" on, ignored
3. conflicting server name "_" on, ignored

when I try to reach the website I get Access denied not by file permissions, seems that this kind of error came out from the security.limit_extensions directive that has been added to php-fpm and limits the extensions that can be parsed by PHP.. So I have add them to security.limit_extensions in your php-fpm configuration but still nothing I get the blank white Access denied message..

Any ideas??
Thank you !!
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