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Originally Posted by abintipl View Post

I have latest ispconfig3 on Debain Sequeeze on VPS with 5 GB of HDD space.

I do not have much data on my server but over a period HDD storage is Full.

Request you to advice, how to clean up HDD( with path), so I can delete unnecessary files from server


I'm not sure if ISPconfig3 stores some data somewhere, but generally to free up some space you can always clean old log files, remove temporary data in '/tmp' and/or '/var/tmp', clean the cache of your package manager etc...

Firstly, You need to determine what is taking up your space. You can do this by using the 'du' command line utility or 'ncdu' which is ncurses based version of 'du'.

for example here's a sample usage of calculating the size of my '/var' directory:

du -csxh /var/*
56K     /var/bind
6.4M    /var/cache
62M     /var/db
72K     /var/empty
68M     /var/lib
4.0K    /var/lock
129M    /var/log
0       /var/mail
0       /var/named
112K    /var/run
13M     /var/spool
25M     /var/tmp
319M    /var/www
620M    total
hope that helps
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