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Originally Posted by falko View Post
What's the output of [CODE]iptables -L[/CODE
I must have been accessing SSH at the time when I triggered fail2ban.
I looked into jail.conf and noticed that I had not configured it to monitor pure-ftpd. I've now added a record for pure-ftpd, using parameters similar to the other ftp servers. I haven't made any changes to the pure-ftpd filter file.
While I'm working on this problem, I'm going to leave it turned off though.

Unfortunately, I did not make a copy of the IPTables list at the time. And it's now reset back to normal. But I don't think it's the source of the problem I'm having, since I've checked jail.conf.
Originally Posted by falko View Post
Did you try both active and passive transfers in your FTP client?
In my version of WinSCP, I can only select Passive (On/Off) in the Connection node of the settings list. I've tried with both settings.

I noticed that when I change the encryption method to SSL/TLS Implicit or SSL Explicit, the connection fails very quickly because the those methods are not implemented on my server and WinSCP detects that.
However, on TLS Explicit, there is a long delay, as if things are happening but not successfully.

When I followed the guide, I created the pem certificate as required. Is the directory (/etc/ssl/private/) shown in the guide valid for my distribution (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)?
Also, at the start of the guide, there is a link to Virtual Hosting With PureFTPd And MySQL (Incl. Quota And Bandwidth Management) On Ubuntu 10.10. I wanted to check the configuration information there against how I configured my system, but that link returns "Page not Found" at the moment.


My VPS system:
(Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Kernel 3.15.4-x86_64, Apache 2.4.7, MySQL 5.5.38, PHP 5.5.9, ISPConfig, Webmin, PureFTP & Quota, phpMyAdmin, postfix, dovecot, amavis, clamav, spamassassin, awstats, fail2ban, Jailkit, bind9, vlogger, webalizer)

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