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Originally Posted by Croydon View Post
I just did a test run and it looks nice so far, but really the module background (images/bg_module.png) hurts my eyes Something plain would be better I think.
Edit: I tried replacing the above mentioned background image with #e5eff7, that looks more friendly to my eyes
I dont really love it either so I will experiment with some changes until the 3.0.5 release

The side bar (foe services) can be easily deleted or modified in the theme template file I think, so it's fine.
Planned features of the side bar: OFF or ON: Retractable; Cats and Apps can be defined with: Icon, Title, Description, Link + Target

Some pages still look not complete like the tools -> change password page
Yes, I was on it a long time today but I am not ready yet

and all pages with titles that take two (or more) lines break the page title bar.
The language strings with a linebreak are non standard and should/must be split into title and desc in the language files.

On some pages like the password settings there is a red "tab-like" element near the title.
What do you mean? empty tabs? The tab style is definitely not the finish. The small red tabs are looking scary bad.

One more thing (but I think it's ispc-related): I didn't find a way making the theme the default one, even for the login page. I have to apply it for every client and the login page is still in default theme.
For the users there doesnt seem to be any option to change the theme in bulk. You might need to make the changes by SQL directly to the DB.
To make it the default for the system (inclusive the login) you need to change the default theme in the interface/lib/

Really nice work so far - once it is completed I think it will be the default theme for our customers.
Thanks for that

Edit 2: Just came across a problem: the globalsearch box should be scrollable as it adds a scrollbar to the main browser window on many entries, this looks really bad on the interface.
Will do
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