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I just did a test run and it looks nice so far, but really the module background (images/bg_module.png) hurts my eyes Something plain would be better I think.

The side bar (foe services) can be easily deleted or modified in the theme template file I think, so it's fine.

Some pages still look not complete like the tools -> change password page and all pages with titles that take two (or more) lines break the page title bar.
On some pages like the password settings there is a red "tab-like" element near the title.

One more thing (but I think it's ispc-related): I didn't find a way making the theme the default one, even for the login page. I have to apply it for every client and the login page is still in default theme.

Really nice work so far - once it is completed I think it will be the default theme for our customers.

Edit: I tried replacing the above mentioned background image with #e5eff7, that looks more friendly to my eyes
Edit 2: Just came across a problem: the globalsearch box should be scrollable as it adds a scrollbar to the main browser window on many entries, this looks really bad on the interface.
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