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Default Migrating to ISPC3 from other panels (here: Ispconfig 2)


I am writing a skript for migrating ISPConfig2 to ISPConfig3.
While programming I have found a few issues that prevent me from getting on with the project.

At this moment, the script can read resellers and clients from ISPConfig2 and create them in ISPConfig3. Technically, I read directly from the ISPConfig2 database and use the remote api of ISPConfig3 to create the clients. I create both resellers and clients with the client_add function, and with clients I set the $reseller_id of the function to assign clients to the parent resellers.

But this does not work properly. As far as I can tell from the created database entries, everything worked fine regarding the assignment of clients and resellers. When I log in as admin, I see all created clients and resellers. But when I log in as a reseller, I do not have a client tab and can see no clients.
First I thought the assignment had gone wrong, but when whenever I try to delete the reseller as admin, ISPConfig3 tells me that the reseller has clients, and I have to delete these first.

Any hints what I might be doing wrong?

Another thing I noticed is that with the api creation of clients no id_rsa and ssh_rsa values are created in the database. Also, the created_at value cannot be written it seems.

Regards, Tom
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