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Default Current (minor) bugs with SVN ~$3282

1. Difference between:
(from dns_soa_list.php)
PHP Code:
// $app->listform_actions->SQLExtWhere = "access = 'REJECT'";

$app->listform_actions->SQLOrderBy 'ORDER BY origin';
(from web_domain_list.php)
PHP Code:

$list = new list_action;
$list->SQLExtWhere "type = 'vhost'";
$list->SQLOrderBy 'ORDER BY domain';
both is "doing" the same. Which version is preferred?

2. Error on client_edit page:

If you are on the "Limits" page and try to switch to "Address" via the tab (or click on the "limits" tab) ->
output of the "DB::query(INSERT..." in the frontend. The data will successfully be inserted into the db.

Can you reproduce the error?

3. Is the globalsearch looking for domains in the domain module? On my dev machine it does not.
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