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Originally Posted by johjoh2k View Post
If you want to try, this sequence worked for me:
- shutdown the VM in XenServer
- Export it somewhere so you can work on the VHD Virtual Hard Disk File (I have build an NFS Virtual OpenFiler on the new server and connected to both virtualization server)
- with the aid of Professional, under "Disk" you can find "Convert Virtual Hard Disk Image"
- convert to VMDK

Good luck!
Okay. I've used winimage to convert the ".xva" to a ".vmdk".

Now how do I get this into VMware?

I uploaded it to datastore [datastore1], and created a new VM.
When asked "Select a Disk" I used the option "Use an existing virtual disk.....", and selected the ".vmdk".
Unfortunately this did not boot...

Did I do something wrong here?
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