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Default Choose listen port of a VirtualHost or overall apache listen port

I've realized that when a Server IP is added to ISPConfig, a list of listen ports can be choosen, and a NameVirtualHost IP:Port line is added to the apache config at sites-available/ispconfig.conf.

However there is no way to choose the listen port of apache server or of a site/virtualhost, only the IP can be choosen and to get listen in a different port is needed to change the default conf template at:


This is so weird, because in the template there is a "port" variable but I haven't found a way to change it in the ISPConfig panel.

It would be cool can choose a different port for each virtualhost, this is very usefull when a reverse proxy like varnish is used in a machine with dinamic and static content with only 1 IP. And seems that the internal logic is almost implemented in ISPConfig to get this.

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