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I do not know what your expertise is but I have a few tasks I would love to have some help with:
  • (A)column highlighting onMouseOver: preferred is a CSS-only solution but if that is not possible javascript (with jQuery; ispconfig version) is fine. For better understanding look at the photoshoped example below.
  • (B) remove all filters button. onClick clear all filters
  • (C) sortable table via jquery. Maybe this is suitable: This will be limited to the displayed table. A version which reloads a sorted query needs to be integrated into the core of ispconfig and might be a feature request for the future. (C) shows possible icons for the sort-indication.
  • (D) jQuery animation to make it retractable
  • ispc-larry module programming: adding pages to the admin module to configure ispc-larry settings and the sidebar apps. I will push the initial files to repo soon

Some random things:
  • I post "Contributations are always welcome" to all the GitHub repos for a reason. @dclardy: thanks for offering your help
  • I am keeping the branches master and sidebar (nearly) always in sync with the current ISPConfig SVN! So you just need to keep your dev machine in sync with the subversion repo and ispc-larry should work good with a current git clone
  • suitable enhancements will be ported to the default (or default-v2) of ispconfig

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