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Hi, everyone. I'm still wondering how to do this:

Originally Posted by cbj4074 View Post
I would like to continue using SNI on all of the existing sites, except one. I need a particular site to have a dedicated IP address, and SSL (SNI is not acceptable for this site).

Should I leave all of the existing sites set to "*" and change only the one site that requires a dedicated IP address to the corresponding literal IP (within the ISPConfig interface)?
As a bit of background, I have one IP address created in ISPConfig. I have several websites that are bound to "*" in ISPConfig's Website -> Domain tab (no website is bound to the literal IP address).

How can I use SSL for the one website that I want to be the "primary", without the attendant SNI issues with older browsers (such as IE6), but at the same time use SNI (each site with its own self-signed certificate) for all other domains on the same IP address?

In other words, if I type the server's IP address in my browser's URL field, with the https protocol, I want to hit the "primary" site to which the proper SSL certificate is issued. Naturally, I want to hit the same primary site when I enter it's domain name (with https). Finally, I want to hit the various other sites that are hosted at the same IP address by domain name, with https, and leverage SNI for each.

The basis of my concern is that I have enabled SSL for sites other than the primary domain, and things have not behaved as expected. I have been directed to the wrong website whenever I try to connect over SSL.

Thanks for any help!
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