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Default self created problem with OpenVZ control

Hi everyone,

I installed ispconfig, then I changed a few things and now I need some help with OpenVZ. So first I'll describe how I initially installed ISPConfig 3 and then I'll describe the changes. Finally I'll explain what the problem is.

At first I installed nginx, mysql and OpenVZ and installed ispconfig. The initial purpose was to use nginx only for OpenVZ control and I was indeed able to control the containers.

Then I installed apache and ftp to container one, email on container two and DNS on container 3. I had set up container one to be the master and the other containers to use that master. All containers use the controller's mysql server. Everything works so far with no problems.

So now I was able to reach ispconfig(openVZ) via IP address 1 where I could control OpenVZ, and, with the use of NAT, I could reach ispconfig(rest) via IP address 2.

Then I decided that I wanted the OpenVZ controller to also be the database server. I did that so I could get rid of the the service warning "mysql is down" and also because then I didn't need to setup a second mysql server on container one. So I took the following steps:
  1. Backup the ISPConfig database of the OpenVZ controller;
  2. Backup /usr/local/ispconfig
  3. Uninstall ispconfig
  4. Reinstall ispconfig and join an existing multiserver configuration on container one;
  5. Copy the openvz_* tables from the old database to Container one's database
  6. Update server_ip in those tables to match the ID of the controller's server_id (being 4)
  7. Manually edit and save each option in Container one's OpenVZ settings.

I should probably add that I (accidentally) answered yes to the question "will this server host the ispconfig interface." I'm not sure if that will cause any problem..?

Anyway, I see the OpenVZ hosts in the control panel now. The only thing that does not work is, well, every OpenVZ setting I change. So starting/stopping containers, creating them, et cetera. And now I also notice that all actions in the sys_remoteaction table of container one are stuck in the pending state, for all server_id's 1-4 i.e. http/ftp, email, DNS and OpenVZ.

I would appreciate help with solving this. The server is not in production so if it's better to reinstall the whole thing I'll go and do that. But maybe it is something that can be easily fixed.
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