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OK, I'll give you a small feedback on my first attempt:

I followed your small howto... I'll just tell you all the issues that occurred to me; please don't take it as criticism. :-)

First issue is: you don't get any feedback of the GUI. At first I had a typo in my server address and did not get a warning (ping test or so).
When I corrected it and the script finally started, I had no clue it did (beacause no progress/activity is shown).
So I also did not know when it was finished, and if any errors had occurred (is there a log for it?)

When I considered the migration finished after several minutes, the following had been done:
- Resellers imported
- Clients imported
- dns zones imported
- Domains and Aliasdomains imported
- Subdomains imported as 'normal' domain (like in your description)
- mail domains created, but not a single mailbox, redirect or alias
- no ftp users created

I did not check everything in detail yet (like limits for users) though.

Concerning the sequence of tasks, does this indicate the script has stopped because of an error?

regards, Tom
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