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Originally Posted by teves View Post
Hi Marius,

thanks for the warning, but that's ok with me. If only the annoying and error-prone work of copying resellers, clients, etc. would done automatically, it would be a great achievement. So I am very willing to try...

I have no idea how to enable your plesk migration into a running ispconfig3 though. Is there a howto somewhere?

Thank you, Tom
This is only implemented in svn, not in stable version of ispconfig.
Do not use it on you production installation, as it might crash.

First step:
Create a (read only) database user on your plesk database.

Second step:
Update your ispconfig install to the latest svn version

Third step:
As admin in your ispconfig interface got to "tools" -> Import plesk.

Fouth step:
Enter the plesk database details (options below are non-functional, yet).
Submit the form and pray
Marius Cramer

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