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Default Failure with non-standard ftp port

i have tried :xxxx after the host name and it is recognized but the ort part is dropped by various ncftp commands so I receive an error from the remote ftp server. I have sarched for alternative methods of specifying the port number but they either fail immediately or eventually drop the port number in the host string sent to the remote server.

FTP_PASSWORD=???????? duplicity -v 9 .local/share/evolution ftp://mike@"host_name:1976"/evolution
Using archive dir: /home/mike/.cache/duplicity/464f3be00fbc0c5469e19252420b3a43
Using backup name: 464f3be00fbc0c5469e19252420b3a43
Import of duplicity.backends.u1backend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.gdocsbackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.rsyncbackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.giobackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.webdavbackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.cloudfilesbackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.ftpsbackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.sshbackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.ftpbackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.botobackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.localbackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.hsibackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.tahoebackend Succeeded
Import of duplicity.backends.imapbackend Succeeded
NcFTP version is 3.2.5
Using temporary directory /tmp/duplicity-0Oi7nA-tempdir
Registering (mkstemp) temporary file /tmp/duplicity-0Oi7nA-tempdir/mkstemp-5POKud-1
Main action: inc
================================================== ==============================
duplicity 0.6.15 (August 19, 2011)
Args: /usr/bin/duplicity -v 9 .local/share/evolution ftp://mike@host_name:1976/evolution
Linux HP-Mini 3.0.0-22-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 12 17:13:04 UTC 2012 i686 i686
/usr/bin/python 2.7.2+ (default, Oct 4 2011, 20:03:08)
[GCC 4.6.1]
================================================== ==============================
Registering (mkstemp) temporary file /tmp/duplicity-0Oi7nA-tempdir/mkstemp-ZCLE2z-2
Temp has 19117944832 available, backup will use approx 34078720.
Reading results of 'ncftpls -f /tmp/duplicity-0Oi7nA-tempdir/mkstemp-5POKud-1 -F -t 30 -o useCLNT=0,useHELP_SITE=0 -P '1976' -l 'ftp://host_name:1976/evolution/''
Running 'ncftpls -f /tmp/duplicity-0Oi7nA-tempdir/mkstemp-5POKud-1 -F -t 30 -o useCLNT=0,useHELP_SITE=0 -P '1976' -l 'ftp://nost_name:1976/evolution/'' failed with code 1 (attempt #1)
Error is:
Invalid reply: "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.1"
ncftpls: cannot open host_name: invalid reply from server.

^CRemoving still remembered temporary file /tmp/duplicity-0Oi7nA-tempdir/mkstemp-5POKud-1
Removing still remembered temporary file /tmp/duplicity-0Oi7nA-tempdir/mkstemp-ZCLE2z-2
INT intercepted...exiting.

As you can see it drops the port number.

Any ideas on this problem?
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