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I installed ISPconfig3 successfully but in the middle and at the end, I have the following three issues that is not working/installed quite properly. Not too sure if they are important.

First: In the middle of Step 13, I opened the file to edit, but there are only two lines of codes in the file whereas the tutorial shows there are quite a number of lines of codes. I do not have the line where you can add "usrjquota=aquota.user,,jqfm t=vfsv0"

Second: In step 18, when i execute the command "apt-get install squirrelmail", it shows the below. I chosen "Manual Symlink Setting" though. Is that okay? If it's not, where can I change to the Finnish ones?

Third: In step 20, I did the command line for VPS openVZ, in my case my container ID is 184, I amended the container ID, then i paste exactly the same thing into console, but it returns whole lot of results as per attachment below.

May I know if they are important that must be correctly done? Or I can ignore them? Thank you!

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