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Originally Posted by anton
I would like to know how to either run the ns's on the one ispconfig machine so each time I create accounts they will both be authorative
You'd only have one BIND installation on the server (because you cannot make two applications share the same port), which will be the master and where you create all your DNS records. You don't have to transfer the records to the secondary DNS because the secondary DNS is the same system.
All you have to do then is point your NS records (e.g. and to the same IP address, and when you register a domain, you create the DNS records on that system first and then you specify and as the authoritative name servers for the new domain.

Originally Posted by anton
or how to create the second ispconfig machine as seond ns only - and if you can explain briefly how i do that. Also would I have to create the entries for domains I want to register on each ispconfig server, and how would I avoid the mail www etc requests getting mixed up.
Just set up a second ISPConfig server and let point to that server. Then you create the DNS records on the first ISPConfig server as master records, and on the second ISPConfig server you just create a slave zone and specify the IP address of the master server. Then the master records will automatically be transferred to the second ISPConfig system, and you have identical records on both system, and if the first ISPConfig server goes down, the second can serve the DNS records.
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