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It should be mentioned that it is necessary to use the undocumented (!) SOAP call client_get_groupid($session_id, $client_id)
Thats the function to convert the client ID to groupid, if you want to convert from one ID to another then you have to use that function of course.

Strangely, the group_id is not included in the answers to the client_get() and client_get_by_username() functions.
The grouid is part of the response of any record, it does not amtter if you query a website or a client. print out the response with print_r(), you will see that the sys_groupid is returned. The groupid of a record is the owner group of that record and the client records are owned by the administrator or reseller that created them. So the grouipd of a client record is either the groupid of the admin or the groupid of the reseller.
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