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Default SSL Certificate - Hostname & CNAME

Hello everyone

I'm planing to buy (a) new SSL cert(s) for my server(s).

Since I already had problems once, this time I wanna go sure to order it the right way.

My primary question is
All servers have hostnames like: service.server.mydomain.tld, so for example:
mail.alpha.mydomain.tld, web.beta.mydomain.tld etc.

However, I want the certs to be valid for another domain, pointing with a CNAME record to them:

cp.anotherdomain.tld -> web.beta.mydomain.tld

The cert should be valid for cp.anotherdomain.tld then.

So the questions is now, how to do that?
First of all, the provided does allow an unlimited amount of servers.

1 problem is, that all of them have different hostnames
2 problem is, that not all of them are running the same software (apache, nginx, postfix etc.)
3 problem is, that like I said above, I'd like to use CNAMEs.

If it theoretically would work, are their any deficits with using CNAMEs?

I would really appreciate it, if someone would be so kind to help

Thank you very much!

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