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Hi Til,
Thank you for responding.

Why do you run this command manually
I did this for the same reason that myself, halsafar, globiws, and several others have stated in their post titles: "namespace resolution and cannot scp/sftp", and "Ubuntu Jailkit multiple problems".

What you did with the command above con be configured in the jailkit config files
I believe we're not familiar with Jailkit like you are. :-) Had we known that, we wouldn't be asking these questions or creating those post titles. You see, Falko (and yourself) often provides great insight and quality posts that work really well! So I had to improvise and provide a solution for others that just works in your absence.

you can just configure it in the jailkit config files...
As I stated in my post, "I'm not sure if this is the appropriate way to do this, but here is how...". Now I know, thanks to your response and keen knowledge.

Thank you very much!
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