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sjau - won't that force SSL on everything not just horde?? for example my website I don't care that they look at in http but only things regarding to log in and personal information I want to have in https...

I have been able to use Horde's in app configuration to successfully implement this. All you need is to have horde working, accessible by https (ssl) and the admin account created when you installed horde. Now navigate like this:
  1. Log in to horde using Admin account - VERY IMPORTANT!!!!
  2. Left hand column should show Administration - click that
  3. Under the Administration tree you should see Configuration - click that
  4. All the applications should show and you should see Horde - click that
  5. Under the heading URL Settings you should see a drop down menu for $conf[use_ssl] - click that
  6. Select Assume that we are using SSL and always generate https URLs
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Generate Horde Configuration
  8. Now log out, clear browser cache, re-fresh log in page and happy days horde runs in SSL
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