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Arrow Embedded Device Linux & Busybox

To day so many mini device uses Linux but their name becomes some time Android, some time RouterBoard, OpenWRT, DD-WRT, and so many more name and thay think thay have their own brand but actualy not. All is linux. Open Source mentality is my life style (Share information to make people happy than youl bee hapy) and i do not like people that thay thinking their easy. I am opening this section to day specialy for this. I found hole to ssh in to MikroTik's RouterBoard and i see that is actualy BusyBox, I found hole to ssh in Android is also BusyBox all the Google apps also opensource so thay must be stay open other ways years and years we write codes for all this i am not permitting people to use our codes to earn money. My best REGARDS to Linux lovers. Oguz Ersoz
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