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thanks for your reply and help Bookworm, I had to do it differently on ubuntu 12.04:

sudo -i
gedit /etc/default/avahi-daemon
I had to change AVAHI_DAEMON_DETECT_LOCAL=1 to =0 and reboot.
No error anymore, and Gnome loads as fast as it should.

Originally Posted by Bookworm View Post
It sounds like you have the full graphic install of Ubuntu (Gnome, I'm assuming, rather than Kubuntu).
Yes I have installed ubuntu 12.04 desktop i386 on my laptop which I mainly use as a web server running ispconfig3 for my webdesign needs, it is also excellent to have a mobile server with all my work in. I installed the latest gnome on it (not kde/kubuntu desktop) and runs great. I might uninstall unity which I consider useless totally, but I am a gnome kid :-)

So I am not using this computer remotely no.
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