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For those who need to do fast updates, here's the quick and dirty method I used. This only works if the fields are blank - if the fields are already populated, just use a search and replace.

In phpMyAdmin, go to dbispconfig, and open the 'sql' tab.

UPDATE `dbispconfig`.`dns_soa` SET `xfer` = '<IP1>, <IP2>'

<ip1> would be ***.***.***.***, of course.

That filled in the 68 records I hadn't gotten to in about a quarter of a second.


If you need to search and replace, it'll be this.

UPDATE `dbispconfig`.`dns_soa` SET `xfer` = REPLACE(`xfer`,"<IP1>, <IP2", "<IP1>, <IP2>, <IP3>");

(Remember to then edit one of the zone records and save it, so that it updates the named.conf.local file)

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