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Default Bulk allow-transfer option needed for DNS.

My fingers are already getting tired.

Apparently, ISPConfig does Bind9 the hard way.

Instead of simply using the flat files that Bind works best with, ISPConfig uses a SQL copy AND a flat file copy of the same zones.

Here's the problem. If you want to update other servers, you have to type the 'allow-transfer' server IP's in manually - in every... single... zone... entry...

I have _ninety one_ domains I provide DNS for. I'm on page 2, so far.

I can update the flat files _fast_, and reload Bind so things are working - but ISPConfig doesn't have a "refresh from flat file" option, and if I touch _one_ zone file, ISPConfig will then rewrite _all_ of the options in named.conf.local. I'm assuming it just generates a new file, then overwrites the existing file, rather than doing an update.


Suggestion. Either have a global 'allow-transfers' update option, or have an option to allow refreshing the database with the existing flat files. The latter would make the most sense, as it would let people use tools such as 'sed' to make fast changes. The former would be easier to implement.

As it is, I'm looking at hacking together a quick 'fill in the xfer field of the SOA table' script; even if it takes an hour, it'll be faster than doing it manually.
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