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Default Trying to get my DNS to work using ISPConfig


I want to run a web server and a mail server and need to have them reachable from the Internet.


I have registered my domain with Hover (Tucows)

I have the mail server working for users on my LAN, we can send and receive mail to each other with email addresses such as and

Within the LAN, this only works if we use as the server name in Thunderbird as the address to the POP Mail Server. If I use, it fails. Likewise, for the outgoing server in Thunderbird, to reach the SMTP Mail Server, I have to use instead of

I went to my account on Hover ( and forwarded the domain to my WAN ip address (, used the NAT on the first router connected to my ISP (at my home) to forward port 80, 25 and 110 to my second router, which in turn has these ports open and forwards them to my server at

I get some indication that packets are able to get to the server now, since now when I use my browser within my LAN with the address, it loads up the login screen for the internal web server on my router even though the router said that it would switch its port to 8080.

If I get someone from outside my LAN and out on the Internet to use their browser to use, nothing comes up. This is probably because my router connected to my ISP is trying to connect it to its internal web service which will not allow remote management.

That is another problem I have to solve.

When I change the thunderbird setup from to, and try to get mail sent from the Internet, I get from Thunderbird: Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: Invalid

It is possible that the router connected to my ISP is not properly forwarding requests to my second router.
  1. Can anyone help me with this?
  2. What tests can I do to find out what is happening?


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