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Is it possible to store information from one form into separate db tables?
Not with the default functions of the form, but you can ovverride each function. see tform_actions class which to see which even functions can be overridden.

Btw. I would still prefer if you implement i as direct user -> DB relationship and not with 3 tables, so that you have a users table and a db table and one user can access one or more databases. This woould fit into the form framework better, is simpler to understand for the user.

but as far as I can see the datalog and therefor the server modules would not recognize those changes.
This would only be the case if you use the wrong functions to from the db class to insert and update data into this table. If you use the datalogInsert(), datalogUpdate() and datalogDelete() functions to insert data to that table, then all data is mirrored to slave servers as well and you can create a event hook in a server side plugin.
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