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Default Storing form data in more than one db table

I'm just at trying to implement this

I want to create separate database and db_user forms - that is no problem.
But to keep things easy for unexperienced users I want to (mainly) maintain the current database editing form and make the new ones optional.
My question is: Is it possible to store information from one form into separate db tables?

To make things clearer:
There are three db tables.
- databases
- database users
- db <-> user link table

When using the current simple database editing form after saving and before displaying the data have to be stored to / read from those three tables.
In the form definition files and server module/plugins I found the possibility to only give one single table.
Theoretically I could store the data in the second / third table by hand, but as far as I can see the datalog and therefor the server modules would not recognize those changes.
Could you (till/falko) give me some hint on how to proceed here?

Thank you.
Marius Cramer

pixcept KG

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