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Originally Posted by voidzero View Post
Whoa, I'm impressed, it's a very nice theme. I've just installed it on my testing server.
Thanks. If you have not done already watch the repo on GitHub to show me your interest. Post issues on GitHub concerning problems and bad display of elements in non-Firefox usage to help me optimize further.

One request from me is, if you ever discontinue working on the theme then please post that somewhere, don't let it die a slow death. That just happens too often here and there. Might sound pessimistic but I don't intend to sound like that -- don't get me wrong.
  1. I can ensure you I am not planning to discontinue it - I am committed to ISPConfig and the theme is used by myself for my customers
  2. due to the nature of GitHub it is possible for anyone to fork the repo and continue it
  3. I will post all changes and updates in this thread here and via GitHub

Good job so far, looking forward to further updates.
Just this minute was released so I will update the theme today for the new version of ISPConfig if necessary.
I branched the repo and started preparing for 3.0.5 - the next major release - already! I hope to push out the update on the same or the day after the 3.0.5 release

A little announcement:

Till was so nice to implement a little hook ( to be release with 3.0.5 making it unnecessary to overwrite any files with ispc-larry! So it will not be necessary to reinstall ispc-larry after every update.
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