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So this is the status so far:

- importing client with their limits, contact data and passwords
- importing domains (created as mail domain, too)
- importing alias domains (created as mail domain, too)
- importing subdomains*
- importing dns_zones and records
- importing mail addresses including passwords
- importing mail redirects and aliases
- importing autoresponders**
- importing ftp accounts

Doesn't work yet:
- importing protected folders
- importing web(dav)_users
- importing spamfilter settings
- importing databases***
- importing database contents
- importing web contents from tgz

During import it is checked if the entry already exists. If it does, it is updated and not re-inserted.
There are no customizations available (, yet) so it's always a complete import.

* created as domains because they are vhosts in plesk
** plesk has no start/end dates for responders so if a responder is enabled in plesk i set the end date to one year in the future
*** as plesk uses multiple database users for each database, I have to implement this first:
Marius Cramer

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