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Originally Posted by till View Post
I think that most admins will use phpmaydmin for such a task.
I don't know if that is enough. Clients are not able to add database users through phpmyadmin, are they?
So they could not add further database users for their databases or use multiple databases with a single username.

Originally Posted by till View Post
If we built that functionality in ispconfig too, then we should be careful that it does not get too complicated for users without server much knowledge. Also updates from older ispconfig versions must work automatically so a a script must be integrated that detecs a old style config and migraes it automatically to the new style.
Changing the database to the new style should be simple sql queries.
- add new table(s)
- copy relevant user data from site_database to the new table(s) via INSERT TO ... SELECT FROM ...
- delete old user columns from the site_database tables

Of course it should be simple to admin.
The current form/list layout should work with the changed database layout as long as there are only single database <-> user pairs.
So a client could switch to "extended database management" if he likes to manage the databases and users separately and/or use the read-only feature.
Once a client has at least one database with user count different than 1 or at least one user with database cout different than 1, he cannot switch back to simple database management.
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