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Post Changing database and database user architecture

I noticed there is a feature request in the bugtracker
FS#1448 - one database user name and multiple databases

I think having multiple databases per user is nice, but there should be multiple users per database, too. I would even prefer different rights for db users like "read-only / read-write".

To accomplish this I think databases and database users have to be separated and linked on a n<->m basis instead of 1<->n or n<->1.

I don't know if I have the time to do it but before I start with something like that I'd like to discuss how it's done best.

My prefered feature would be:
  • create new database
    - optionally create new database user for this db automatically
    - grant remote access on a per-database basis
  • create new users / edit users
    - grant read-write or read-only to chosen database(s)
    - grant or revoke remote access option on a per-user basis
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